Custom Outdoor Kitchens & Additions

Your outdoor cooking dreams is our passion. We encourage creative outdoor living kitchen design to the enhance the livability of your home. We strive to make the connection between your favorite foods and a kitchen that embraces be a your lifestyle. Adding to your home’s aesthetics and individuality and creating a space for family and friends to celebrate their most memorable moments and relax. More than buying BBQ grill and adding some bricks around it, our goal is to help you realize the potential your backyard offers.

Custom Layouts

We can help you choose the best way to fill your available space while maintaining the build within your budget.

Unlimited Countertops & Enhancements

From a custom fish-cleaning setup and smoker, to an antique boat deck incorporated in the countertop, we’re your dream to reality experts.

Premium Appliances

From barbecues to boilers and smokers to sandwich presses, we work with all the industries leading brands on any budget. Customize your power sources to deliver the experience your ingredients deserve.

outdoor kitchen addition